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    All-in-One Launch Package

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    Our podcast launch package comes complete with everything you will need to start your show like a pro. There are many creative, technical, and tiresome stages of creating a new podcast. First and foremost, having a solid brand identity has never been more important for your podcast. We will assist you completely in the transition from idea to finished podcast product. We offer a staff of the best voice-talent, graphic designers, podcast specialists, and audio engineers–visionaries who will carefully design and develop your brand as it carries over into the digital world. We are humble people with a lofty goal: to empower and elevate you.

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    Commercial Production

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    We provide fully produced commercial services to podcasters, Internet stations, broadcast radio stations, and animated video producers around the world. People don’t want commercials, they want advertising that works. Our job is to find the ‘big idea’ and make it sound outstanding. How do we do that? Using tried and trusted advertising practices, some really cool influence techniques and a dozen cans of Red Bull; we’ll take the listener’s mind kicking and screaming in the direction you want it to go. The sponsors of your show will be seriously satisfied to hear their message with our exceptional comprehensive commercial production. We can work with your current voice or utilize our in-house voice talent. We will fully produce your commercial message making it polished and professional. Our service includes, help with script writing, recording the voice-over, and complete audio production. Prices vary by commercial length.

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    Intro and Outro Branding

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    Get an incredible podcast intro and outro with professional voice-talent and music created especially for your podcast. Your Intro and Outro will be produced with high quality royalty free music and effects. This is a Custom Podcast Branding Package to get your show up-to-standard, fast! Welcome to the show! You can hear our voice talent announcing some of the biggest podcasts all over the world. If you have a podcast it’s about time people started to remember your name, and what you are all about! With our custom show Intro and Outro, we will make sure they will not forget you.

    From: $299.00