We Are Here To Help You

Our clients love that they can get all of the pro services they need in one spot. We make it easy to mix and match! Choose from the most comprehensive, forward-thinking and effective set of tools available to update, expand and revitalize your podcast. If you can’t find the right fit we are happy to custom design a package or plan that will work flawlessly.

Podcast Editing

Instantly make your podcast sound kick-ass. Our pros will tweak your audio elevating your sound by adding your intro, outro, removing unwanted mistakes, and enhancing the final audio with our secret recipe of EQ and compression.

Podcast Intros & Branding

Get an incredible podcast intro and outro with professional voice-talent and music created especially for your podcast. A strong brand identity has never been more important for podcasters.


Our service includes, help with script writing, recording the voice-over, adding music, and the complete audio production. We will fully produce your commercial message making it polished and professional.


Powerful stand-out signature voices, recorded in professional studios. Our extensive experience allows us to understand the complexities in finding the appropriate tone and inflection to fit perfectly.

Podcasting Set-up

We’ll guide you through the process and help turn your idea into a professional, high-quality podcast. You record the audio; we take care of everything else, so your fans can start finding you on ITunes.

Extra Podcasting Services

We offer a range of extra services podcasters have generally not been able to find all in one location.

Our 3 Step Process

Our services are specifically designed to help you get your podcast or audio project up and running as easily, efficiently, and as affordable as possible. Here at Podcast Production Pros, we utilize a unique three-step process when working with our clients.

Podcast Editing Packages

Our monthly packages elevate your sound by adding your intros, removing unwanted mistakes, and pumping up the overall sound quality. When you sound professional, you are making a big statement. Let us give you more time to focus on the important things like delivering even more great content to your audience.

Upfront Pricing

No Hidden Costs. All of the prices are listed for every service we offer. We provide honest high-quality services at fair prices–with no hidden costs. When surcharges apply you’ll find them clearly indicated.

Easy Online Ordering

Yes, awesome audio is just a click away. It's about time. Everything else can be ordered online, why can't this be simple? That is what we strive to offer you solutions that can make you sound better instantly.

Project Tracker & Support

We communicate every step of the process and timeline for completion. Your Podcast Production Pros hub will provide status updates throughout your project. Our team is always there to answer questions and provide any support you may need.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every project will be completed on time by the date promised or it’s free. Always, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, we’ll get it right the first time, or remake your project at no extra cost. Always on time. Every project includes our on-time or it's free guarantee.