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Poor sound can ruin an otherwise spectacular production. Understanding the importance of quality sound… is a crucial part of understanding what it means to be a successful – and memorable – filmmaker, music producer, game designer, [and podcaster] –Los Angeles Film School

Powerful Signature Voices

We match you directly with our in-house talent, not to a fancy agency or casting service. We empower you to make your own casting decisions entirely or we can do the casting for you, either way, we’ve cut out the middleman. We don’t make it hard with hundreds of voices to choose from, we have selected only the best top talent. Every voice talent on Podcast Production Pros has prepared a unique showcase of their voice over abilities and talent range.

Powerful signature voice talent. We give you access to powerful stand-out signature voices. Companies big and small have used our voice talent for years on broadcast radio, television, and audio commercial production.

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Extensive library of podcasting services

Elevating your shows sound instantly adding your intro, removing mistakes, checking all levels, and making the compression consistent.mix
This is all they do, real voice-over professionals recording your project for a reasonable price.
Absolutely everything you need to get started. Planning, editing, branding,  RSS feed set-up and more.
Make your show really stand out with our custom intros and outros including the voice-over, music, and production.
Easily pick and choose from our extensive catalog of services and tailor to your specific needs.
We offer a range of extra services podcasters have generally not been able to find all in one location.

and more...

Our straightforward pricing sets us above the rest and is one of the primary reasons for our sky-high customer satisfaction rate. In an industry that suffers from a lack of faith, we provide honest service at fair prices–with no hidden costs. When surcharges apply you’ll find them clearly indicated.

We know you need things to be easy and simple. That is what we strive to offer you simple and easy solutions that can make your show sound better instantly. The days are gone when your podcast lacked that extra attention and know-how needed for a clear and crisp professional sound.

We have REAL audio pros that have been creating audio masterpieces for decades, they understand the right way to add, remove, and interject sound to your project so that it has a professional edge. Pros make a BIG difference and let your show really cut through the clutter.

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Podcast Production Pros will formulate a custom solution that sounds amazing, is made appropriate to your needs, completed in a timely manner, and that conforms to your budget whatever that may be.

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